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Here's what to expect on a Sunday at Open Door...


A Warm Welcome

Whether it's a greeter at the door, one of our pastors, or just the person sitting next to you, you can expect a warm welcome at Open Door. 



Our times of worship are creative and driven by the desire to experience God's presence. Our sound is current and includes well known songs as well as original music from our worship team.



Every Sunday our pastors bring a message that is founded on scripture and applicable to life. Our messages last about a half an hour.



We take communion every Sunday to remember and proclaim the death Jesus.




Our service offically ends with the saying of a benediction - a blessing we say to each other. It goes like this:


May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ

and the love of God

and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit

Be with you all


Gathering Sundays at 10am at the San Rafael Community Center

Open Door Kids

The goal of Open Door Kids is simple: keep church fun and give the opportunity for kids to encounter Jesus every Sunday


When you enter our lobby you will notice a table to your left where you can sign-in your child and give us any useful information about your child's needs. Our service begins with some kid-friendly worship, followed by a short break where kids are dismissed to their classrooms. You are welcome to accompany your child for the drop-off or they can follow the crowd. Your kids are going to have a great time! Infant to 5th grade welcome.


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